Our Team

Sujata Singh

Consulting Speech Therapist

She has been a founder and director at Gifted Minds Menage since 2016.

She is the Co-founder of Gifted Minds (Initially) and later Gifted Minds Ménage. Even though she is an M Sc (Nanoscience) and has worked for top research institutes such as NPL Delhi, IIT Kanpur etc. for more than 8 yrs her curiosity about new perspectives and experiences landed her working initially part time then full time with kids. She is also very playful with children and loves being around them.

She firmly believes “Every child is special, every child have its own supernatural powers and imagination. So respect their dreams and help them fly high in this world.”

Her past experiences in myriad fields helps to bring a totally different perspective in the team. After knowing these kids she proudly believes that she has ADHD for sure. Her critical eye for details and perfection helps us keep things neat, clean and orderly even in the midst of chaos.

Her love for art and craft has led her to the title of in house DIY GURU. She keep searching and trying new ways to help kids learn through fun-filled therapeutic activities.

Her joyful nature and charm on her face projects positivity in every aspect. Her Innately caring and motherly nature makes sure every kid is safe and comfortable.

She envisions a Centre of Learning for CWSN where the learning is driven by their interests rather than any curriculum and each one of these different beautiful and unique butterflies develop into the best version of themselves. In doing so, she hopes to make a difference, however little, in their lives.

She loves the ‘web’, reading, movies, travelling and exploring new ideas.

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