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Engaging Learning Environment

your child flourishes self-esteem, independence and language

The foundation of Gifted Minds Menage is based on the belief that every child is unique and special in their own way and every child has innate desire to engage and interact with their environment without losing their uniqueness.

We try to bring the best out of them by using their strength and interest to focus on their needs so that they can become an independent individual.

We not only understand the kid but also understand the parental concerns regarding their child’s future. So, we try to educate, train and provide parents with honest guidance to take care of their kids and plan their future in a better way.

Our Philosophy

Be Friend – Be Mentor – Be that Guide

We believe in the philosophy that the FRIEND helps you value yourself, we always tries to be the friend of the child. While working on this philosophy we try not to burden the child and play with them as we think this is the only way to make a child learn easily and quickly.

MENTOR that lets you find your own lens of the world,

GUIDE that recognizes and helps you overcome your struggles.

We help diversify the mind of a child. Help them discover and celebrate their unique perspectives at the same time enabling them with tools to be an active part of the world.




Happy parents



Be Friend – Be Mentor – Be that Guide


  • Regular Parents Meeting;
  • Monthly Reevaluation using relevant scales Structured Home Plans with guidance and full time support;
  • Videos of improvements as and when achieved;
  • Sharing knowledge through blogs;
  • You tube videos for different activities.
  • Polaris Neurosciences, Agra
  • BGS Vijnatham School, Greater Noida
  • Saksham, Noida

Qualified Staff

To ensure the quality of our services and to provide our best we always hire professionals with appropriate degree and experience. Along with this all the professionals in the team are sensitive and dedicated to give their best. Our therapist love to play with the kids and help the child enjoy his/her time during their sessions while focusing on their development.

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