Our Team

Manish Kumar Priyadarshi

Research and Training

Dr. Manish a Ph. D. holder has 10yr of experience of working in multidisciplinary areas such as aerospace, medical and biomedical engineering, material science, optics and cutting edge technology .in top leading institute around the world.

He has immense interest in how the science behind the perception, memory, language, social, cognitive, attention, empathy, brain disorders, aging, cognitive flexibility and other brain related functions. He feels if we can understand and manipulate these functions little by little it can help us revolutionise the learning methods of our kids as it is quite well known that CWSN kids have unique way of interpreting things. He joined Gifted Minds Ménage to do research (observation) based work in these area and to help kids the teachers understand these kids better.

His positive attitude is his biggest assets.

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