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Child must be taught how to think, not what to think.

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Personalised Play With Therapeutic Approach

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Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn

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The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

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Our Belief

The foundation of Gifted Minds Menage is based on the belief that every child is unique and special in their own way and every child has innate desire to engage and interact with their environment without losing their uniqueness. We try to bring the best out of them by using their strength and interest to focus on their needs so that they can become on independent individual.

Our Philosophy

Be Friend – Be Mentor – Be that Guide

We believe in the philosophy that the friend helps you value yourself, we always tries to be the friend of the child. While working on this philosophy we try not to burden the child and play with them as we think this is the only way to make a child learn easily and quickly.

MENTOR that lets you find your own lens of the world.

GUIDE that recognizes and helps you overcome your struggles.

We help diversify the mind of a child. Help them discover and celebrate their unique perspectives at the same time enabling them with tools to be an active part of the world.

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Why Us?

Benefits for you

Safe Enviroment

To establish a meaningful relationship with the child and prepare them for what lies ahead, we provide them with a place that feels safe like home environment at all times.

Therapy & Educational Play

TOYS ARE CHILDREN'S WORDS AND PLAY IS THEIR LANGUAGE. Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.

Qualified Therapist & Educators

Our team includes professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of focus. As a team, this diversity makes us better prepared to care for your child’s unique needs.

Personalised Play

Allows children to communicate and address challenges in a non-threatening way. It supports children with expressing their feelings, confronting worries, enhancing social skills, and developing problem-solving strategies.

Our Services

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Our Core Team

Qualified Professionals

Meet our Initiators

The seed of Gifted Minds was sown by two people who wanted to serve the gifted children and bring their best to the world. Then we thought of starting small setup within our capacity to serve parents and kids with pure intention of guiding them correctly in our own capacity. To help them find their own identity and not to be bothered by the negativity. Down the lines our positive attitude has been our asset and we also tell all parents irrespective of the current situation always BE POSITIVE. Now that small seed has flourished into a plant with different branches providing different services.

The diverse backgrounds our founder members ensure that the strategies and ideas are coming from different viewpoint ensuring that we discuss from all perspective

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If you are parent of a child who are looking for support and guidance, then our team of highly qualified and experienced professional is here to provide to you with the best possible therapeutic services. To connect with us please click below

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